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Harmony 3 is what happens when three California girls, all established professionals in the world of visual imaging, merge their talents into a single online video production company. We feel that it is our privilege to create the highest quality commercial videos for our clients.

Harmony 3 is more than the creative synthesis of three individuals. It is a fusion of our humor, our fun, our aesthetic, our deep pool of imaging and imagining. Most importantly, we will make your business look polished and ready for success.

Tapping from a deep pool of collective professional experience in commercial/ online video and photo production, Harmony 3 has earned a reputation for exceptional visual creativity, professionalism, and close filmmaker-client collaboration. We’re kind of like Jalapeno lemonade – unique, visually inviting, sweet – but with a bite.

Call us at 213-304-6221 and let’s talk about creating a high quality video for your company.



Motion Graphics

At Harmony 3, we are very excited to offer Motion Graphics, as an attention-grabbing and cost-effective option where visual design in a concept-rich animated environment is more appropriate than live-action capture.

We create them in-house and every aspect is tuned to present your business or service in clear, visual language.

Online Videos

Team with Harmony 3 to create a visual marketing tool that will be the centerpiece of your online business identity. Together, we will create a quality, sales-driving video that will compliment and enhance your business strategy. It's easier and more affordable than you may think. Online Videos, once considered a cost-prohibitive promotional luxury, are now a required element in the marketing strategy of any small business. New technologies have dramatically driven down the production costs of filmmaking while simultaneously sending image quality to an incredibly…


A good photograph is still the fastest way to convey an idea. And at Harmony 3, good photography, born of a wide background in commercial and editorial experience is the foundation of everything we do.

Like most of the great filmmakers, we at Harmony 3 wet our feet in the creatively fertile world of Still Photography.

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