PrintHarmony 3 is what happens when three California girls, all established professionals in the world of visual imaging, merge their talents into a single video production company. We feel that it is our privilege to create the highest quality commercial videos for our clients. Harmony 3 is more than the creative synthesis of three individuals. It is a fusion of our humor, our fun, our aesthetic, our deep pool of imaging and imagining. All these things work to transform millions of pixels into the H3 signature style. Most importantly, we will make your business look polished and ready for success.

Tapping from a deep pool of collective professional experience in commercial video and photo production, Harmony 3 has earned a reputation for exceptional visual creativity, professionalism, and close filmmaker-client collaboration. We’re kind of like Jalapeño lemonade – unique, visually inviting, sweet – but with a bite.

By combining our three creative viewpoints, we smooth out and streamline the video making process. We’ve found that in many projects, our clients have very little experience in the video or photo medium, that’s where our concept of personal interaction is of particular value. This close relationship also helps us in presenting the individual nature of the client in a visual medium. Together, we will make your brand come alive!

We are more than a one-stop film production company.

Starting with a rock-solid base in visual arts stretching back into the film era, we have spent many years refining our skills in the top-tier levels of photography, video and design. We are solidly prepared for any challenge and look forward to clearing a smooth and straight path for your business, through what can be a challenging digital media wilderness.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a razor sharp marketing tool. One that elevates your brand and drives traffic to your website. We want the whole collaboration to be a valuable, trouble-free, and pleasant experience.

Kind of like Jalapeño lemonade!