Does My Business Need a Video?

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  • Do you need a marketing tool that engages your customers?
  • Do you need a marketing tool that your customers can share?
  • Do you need a marketing tool that you can track?

…Then YES…and spoiler alert…you can make one yourself!

From a DIY product demo to a professionally produced profile video for your home page, video is a valuable asset to your marketing toolkit. In fact it’s becoming the medium of choice for many marketing professionals.

With a video you can show how your product or service can solve a specific problem. Your customers don’t want to hear or read about how great your product is, they want you to show them how it will help them, with the issue they have …right now!

Your phone is a great camera, think about when you hear your customer singing your praises, grab that phone and capture a quick testimonial video instead of the traditional written testimonial.

With video you can also show a bit of your brands personality, humor and creativity go a long way here.

Video gives you the opportunity to get a lot of information across in a short amount of time. Having a video on your website can encourage visitors to stay on your site longer, not just watching the video, but spending time on other pages of your site! Use your video to excite viewers and have them looking to your site for more detailed information.

Under 2 minutes… that’s our sweet spot for getting the concept across, viewers have such a short (crazy short) attention span, load your video with your best info and content up front, keep it short and give them a glimpse of who you are.

This video can be your first impression, over and over again! Make it look professional, and polished, present yourself in your best light…