Roni Ramos, the founder & President of Harmony 3 Productions a boutique video production firm specializing in creating online video and photography for getting her clients noticed online. She is passionate about sharing tips for success with video and beautiful images to business owners, who might think…this is hard…but, it’s not!

In her fun and informative workshops, she shares actionable tips and apps to get you started right away, and will be the first to tell you…”You can really do this!!!” Roni regularly speaks at educational workshops on a variety of online marketing methods, including Video Marketing, Instagram and DIY Video and Photo Tips.

Attendees rave about her presentations where she shares tips, tools, techniques and actionable steps to use graphics and video to polish your online marketing… Roni is a great cheerleader to get small business excited about using the new technologies available to market their business.

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Photography webinar

Tuesday , September 15th | 10:00AM-11:00AM PDT  | WEBINAR
Photography 4 Business

How to make your photos look polished and professional. Behind the scenes on a photoshoot.

Do you wonder how businesses get consistent great photos of people, products, food or locations…?

The list goes on, but the answer is simple… it’s telling a story with a single image…and make that image “work”.

Step-by-step, I’ll share tips for composition, lighting, cropping and most important these days, filters and apps to take your photos to the next level.

Whether you use a camera or your phone…better photos can mean better engagement with your customers and find new followers for your service or brand!

Discover the top tips and equipment you can use to make your photos look polished and professional.

From lighting and filters to how to set up your photo, even an app to add make-up to your selfie!

This is the fun stuff…Join us and let’s take some great photos.

  What we’ll cover:

  • Lighting tips for inside and outside
  • Still life tips and how to set up a photo
  • How to make your images really pop with filters and apps



Social Media webinar image

Wednesday September 16th | 10:00AM-11:00AM PDT  | WEBINAR

Social Media Ads with Victoria Byrne and Roni Ramos

VERY Special Dual Webinar: Social Media Ads – What To Do And How To Do It !


What to do…

Top tips for Instagram and Facebook advertising

How to find your audience, A/B Testing, Re-Marketing and MORE!

Get results to grow your business and drive more sales. Social media ads are one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business. Take your ads to the next level with these professional tips you can use right now!

Once you have you marketing roadmap and ad strategy in place, let’s create some terrific looking graphics, photos and even video to get your message seen. Step by step examples of How To Do It!

How to do it…
Easy examples to up your photography and video to grab attention with those ads.

Take away action items, resources and strategies you can implement right away!

Our best tips and techniques to get results and grow your business.

Grab a cup of coffee and virtually sit down with us for a morning of motivation !


Video workshop image

Wednesday September 23rd 2020 | 10:00AM-11:00AM PDT  | WEBINAR
DIY Video FOCUS ON YOU! Look And Sound Your Best On Camera WEBINAR

Video is fast becoming the content of choice to showcase you, your product or your service online! And now, more often than not, YOU will need to be on camera. From online meetings to pitching your own product or service, to a testimonial…You need to look your professional best.

I’m going to share my best tips for lighting, sound, make-up, backgrounds, scripting, whew….so much jam packed into this one hour session!

Afraid to be on camera…don’t be…I get it…but I’ll share my steps to help you take a deep breath, and some baby steps to get you more comfortable…. yep, you on camera!

The more polished and comfortable you look on camera, translates to a better connection and engagement with your fans, clients and customers.

Learn how to create and incorporate DIY video throughout your website, on all your social media and your email.

Statistics show that viewers stay on a website longer when there is a video, emails get better open rates and social media gets better engagement.

I’ll share in this webinar actionable tips and step-by-step techniques to help you look great and feel comfortable on camera.

In fact you can create a library of video for your online marketing. Video produces results!

Attend this free webinar and learn:

• The importance of brand standards and consistency, from your website to social media to your video.
• Tools and techniques for making your own videos, making them look polished and professional.
• Information on apps that make it easy.
• Actionable steps to market your video online with email and social media.


Tuesday, September 29th | 10:00AM-11:00AM PDT  | WEBINAR
Instagram 4 Business : A Deeper Dive

New Features for business and helpful tips to create share worthy images and video!

Is your business on Instagram…do you feel like you might be missing out if you’re not using it yet?

Well you SHOULD look closely at this social media platform as a way to engage with your customers and find new followers for your service or brand. Show your real authentic self and connect and engage with your customers and like-minded business owners with great content and strategic hashtags…online marketing that looks great!

Join me in this webinar for tips, apps and hands on best practices on how to create share worthy images and video for YOUR Instagram account.

  Let’s DIVE in with:

  • Why your business should be on Instagram
  • What the heck is a hashtag and how do I use them…
  • How to make your images really pop
  • How to make quick social media videos to share on Instagram
  • UPDATES on the latest best practices and features on Instagram
  • PLUS a great opportunity to online network!

Instagram is all about images so join us to see how you can improve your images with filters and some simple techniques so they look great! Learn what to look for when you are composing your photos and yes, creating your own DIY Videos.



Creating content webinar image

Creating Content With 2020 Vision

In this webinar I’m going to show you how I use my favorite apps to easily create a library of content.

  • Canva for easy posts and graphics: I’ll walk you thru it step by step!
  • Photo editing: I’ll show you exactly how I retouch and optimize my photos for great looking images!
  • Video: We’ve got that covered too! Super easy to create video for your own business

We’ll work together to create engaging, share-able posts with photos, graphics and DIY video for your social media marketing!

I’ll be sharing my most current tips, apps and ideas for online visual content, yep, still a How To Extravaganza, photo apps , Social Media tips and DIY Video ideas!

You will learn how to create beautiful images and even easy DIY video for your business. Using apps and my helpful tips, your images and video can look polished and professional!

Oh, yeah…I’ll show you filters for your images AND video!

What we will cover:

  •   Filters and Apps, how to use them to easily up your game…
  • See how to easily create great graphics and images
  • Best tips on how to share!
  • Latest visual trends and how to apply to YOUR business
  • PLUS a great opportunity to online network!