Roni Ramos, the founder & President of Harmony 3 Productions a boutique video production firm specializing in creating online video and photography for getting her clients noticed online. She is passionate about sharing tips for success with video and beautiful images to business owners, who might think…this is hard…but, it’s not!

In her fun and informative workshops, she shares actionable tips and apps to get you started right away, and will be the first to tell you…”You can really do this!!!” Roni regularly speaks at educational workshops on a variety of online marketing and content creation topics, including Video Marketing, Instagram, Canva and DIY Video and Photo Tips.

Attendees rave about her presentations where she shares tips, tools, techniques and actionable steps to use graphics and video to polish your online marketing… Roni is a great cheerleader to get small business excited about using the new technologies available to market their business.

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Creating Content for Social Media: Photography, Video, Gifs and more…


DATE & TIME: August 18th, 2022, 10:00am Pacific 

Let’s jump in and create great-looking content for social media.

From beautiful photos to your own videos, I’ll share my favorite apps that really make it easier than you think!

Create a library of fresh content for your social media!

  • Canva for easy posts and graphics: I’ll walk you thru it step by step!
  • Photo editing: I’ll show you exactly how I retouch and optimize my photos for great-looking images!
  • Video: We’ve got that covered too! Super easy ways to create videos for your own business.

We’ll work together to create engaging, shareable posts with photos, graphics, and video to get more engagement online.

I’ll be sharing my most current tips, apps, and ideas for online visual content, yep, still a How-To Extravaganza, photo apps, Social Media tips, and Video ideas!

Using apps and my helpful tips, your images and video can look polished and professional! Oh, yeah…I’ll show you filters for your images AND video!  What we will cover:

  •   Filters and Apps, how to use them to easily up your game…
  • See how to easily create great graphics and images
  • Best tips on how to share!
  • Latest visual trends and how to apply to YOUR business



Make great emails Header

What goes hand in hand with your social media…it’s EMAIL of course!

August 23rd 2022: 10:am Pacific : WEBINAR 

  • Your social media together with your email list is a one-two-punch to keep connected! It’s a KNOCKOUT!
  • Use both to support each other and keep both looking great and a terrific reflection of your brand.
  • A good looking, hard working email campaign (or newsletter) is essential to your online marketing.
  • The good looking part…we’ll we’ve got you covered with that today!

I’ll show you in simple steps how to consistently use your brand color and messaging so your social and email work together. How to create contemporary looking headers and graphics even how to use video with your email! Make your emails a marketing piece for your business.

I’ll be sharing best practices, apps and ideas for contemporary fresh looking emails, a How To Extravaganza, photo apps, how to use graphics in your headers and even how to use Video ideas!

Using apps and my helpful tips, and best practices your emails can look polished and professional!

Oh, yeah…and be a great marketing tool for your business.

What we will cover:

  •  Why Brand consistency really matters…
  • How to easily create great graphics for your email headers.
  • Why less is more…
  • Best practices to get your email opened!
  • PLUS a great opportunity to online network!



LinkedIn webinar

LinkedIn for Beginners!

Connections, Video, A Great First Impression, we’ll talk about all of it!

August 30th, 2022: 10:am Pacific : WEBINAR 

These days connection is more important than ever for your brand / business or products. This is why I LOVE LinkedIn. It’s literally made for connection!

If you are looking to connect with other business owners this is the platform for you.

LinkedIn has evolved to a more energetic and engaging platform and yep, video works great here!

I know it can seem intimidating, but we’ll show you step by step,

  • How to set up your profile and business page
  • How to use graphics on both to reflect your brand
  • How to use video for ads and posts
  • Most important how to connect, this is the secret sauce (I love this part!)

Don’t over-think this one, let’s dive in!

This webinar is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, LinkedIn.



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Using Instagram Reels for BUSINESS!


DATE & TIME: September 8th 2022 10:00am Pacific : WEBINAR

This is BIG! Video is HUGE for business and short form video is getting great engagement!

What we’ll cover:

  • Ideas for BUSINESS CONTENT with short form video.
  • Apps to make it easier and fun.
  • How to make your videos look professional (spoiler, this is important…)
  • How can a business like yours use short form video!
  • Selecting a cover image.
  • And more!

Join me, let’s jump in to short form video…its gonna be BIG!


This webinar is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or TikTok.



Setting up your YouTube channel

Setting up your YouTube Channel

September 15th 2022: 10:am Pacific : WEBINAR 

Make YouTube work for you! It’s a powerful search engine when customers are actively looking for your service, product or brand!

What we’ll cover:

Setting up your channel art correctly ( make a great first impression)

  • Branding your channel
  • Setting up playlists
  • Setting up a featured video
  • Descriptions and titles
  • Call to action
  • Links to your website

Join me to step by step see how to set up a professional looking YouTube Channel

Best practices and tips to create thumbnails easily!

This webinar is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, YouTube.



Using Canva webinar

New Features!!!: Step by step how to use Canva to create great business

graphics, gifs, video, landing pages, and more!

What can make you look like a pro with your social media graphics?

So many new features!

September  20th, 2022: 10:am Pacific : WEBINAR 

Literally hundreds and hundreds of templates you can customize with your colors and text!

Keep your graphics consistent across all your social channels, with templates sized for every application, from social media posts to presentations to email headers …this makes it SO easy to look polished and professional.

Canva has some terrific new features like background remover, templates for stories, adding video right to your posts! Plus, you can even make gifs!!! And now a VIDEO editor right in CANVA!

I’ll show you step by step how I use Canva, the same tips I use every day to make great looking posts, graphics and yes, I did say it… video! Watch easy examples of How To Do It!

This webinar is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, CANVA.



Webinar Canva Video graphic diver

Making Videos with CANVA

September 27th, 2022: 10:am Pacific : WEBINAR 

We’ll do a deep dive into the video editor in CANVA!

You can upload footage or use stock video they have on the platform to create videos for your business.

Easily trim footage, add transitions, and music, and even add text overlays and motion graphics to your video!

Video is fast becoming the content of choice to showcase you, your product, or your service online!

Learn how you can create and incorporate videos throughout your website, on all your social media, and in your email.

I’ll walk you thru it step by step, then share my best tips to get your video seen!

Bring your questions, this webinar is interactive and fun!

This webinar is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, CANVA.






Instagram webinar bannewr

An Insta-Extravaganza: Tips Tools, and Updates!

What’s new for selling and engagement on Instagram.

NEW FEATURES for business and helpful tips to create share worthy images and video!



From Stories and Reels, to shopping and the new more authentic look, Instagram is moving forward, with more tools for selling and engagement online.

Let’s look closely at this social media platform to engage with your customers and find new followers for your service or brand. Show your real authentic self and connect and engage with your customers and like-minded business owners with great content and strategic hashtags…online marketing that looks great!

Join me in this webinar for tips, apps and hands on best practices on how to create share worthy images and video for YOUR Instagram account.

Let’s dive in with:

  • What the heck is a hashtag and how do I use them…
  • How to make your images really pop
  • How to make quick social media videos to share on Instagram
  • UPDATES on the latest best practices and features on Instagram
  • PLUS,a great opportunity to online network!

Instagram is all about images so join us to see how you can improve your images with filters and some simple techniques, so they look great! Learn what to look for when you are composing your photos and yes, creating your own DIY Videos.

This webinar is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.