My Favorite App Just Got An Upp Date!

H3spkMy favorite app got an upp date…

If you’ve been to one of my seminars recently you’ll know that the one app I can’t stop raving about is Adobe Voice. Well, now it’s called ADOBE SPARK and it got even better! It’s a simple and quick way to promote your business creatively online. What’s great about it? You don’t have to be a professional to create beautiful results. Spark does all of the complicated work for you… so you don’t have to! Whether it’s social graphics, web stories or videos shorts, Adobe Spark makes it easy right from your smartphone.

What is the Spark app suite? It’s broken down into three apps.

Spark Video lets your create an animated video so quick and easy…it amazes me.

For a cool web page to share a story or event, you have the Spark Page, again super easy and they really look great.

Do you need great images for social media or your email?

Spark Post lets you create them too! Wow a lot of great tools here…did I mention they are FREE! Check out the samples we just made …

Here is a sample using Spark Page about one of our team members… it’s a scrolling site so click on the picture below and scroll to view.

H3 Jenny web page made with Adobe Spark

And here is an inspirational quote on an image, always great for social media…using Spark Post
Adobe Spark

And an animated video using Spark Video

Adobe Spark VideoSuper fun, you gotta try this!