The creative journey is the fuel behind Harmony 3. From our initial contact, we are ALL IN when it comes to understanding your business, your goals and how we can work together to light up the web with your company’s unique online presence.

All together, these steps enable Harmony 3 to produce an incredibly high level product at a reasonable cost.



We take great care in grasping the details and subtleties of your business, which serves to unlock the personality of the individual client or company. This understanding will enable us to construct a storyline and visual narrative that will both strike the viewer with maximum effect, and promote your unique brand. We also offer voice-over services and animation video that will showcase your brand without, or in addition to, live action.

Live action or animation?

In most cases, live action is the most efficient way to visualize products and services. But sometimes a concept is better suited to a more graphic representation. This is where our animation department really shines. From simple to complex, we can boldly illustrate any idea or conceptual requirement.



We will assist you in creating a narrative storyline that will communicate everything your business has to offer. We are comfortable in helping you to fine-tune your ideas into a lively and flowing shooting script.

As an additional service, we also have a professional screenwriter on our team who can craft an original script to fit any video need.

Do I have to be on camera?
We will work with you on hair, make-up and lighting to make an impressive personal presentation. We work in low-key, stress-free environment, that will quickly calm any camera-shyness or self-criticism. You will look great!



Okay, hi-res digital cameras don’t actually roll anymore, but we do clap a slate for each take, just like the old days.

All of us at H3 are fortunate enough to have built up a large pool of professional experience through nearly every type of photo and film project, from large-scale national campaigns, to more moderately budgeted niche market productions. We are known for our smooth, efficient shoot days, usually with a very small operational footprint. This results in minimal disruption to everyday business activities.



Editing and post-production, including animation and aftereffects are handled wholly in-house, allowing for quick revisions, if needed, and the smoothest turnaround time.



We will coach you in the latest and most effective ways to get your completed video seen by your specific target audience, through your website, social networks, and email campaigns.

We can also connect you with some of our trusted partners who are experts in social and business media.

Together, we will guide your vision into not only an effective online marketing tool, but into an identity, quickly and consistently reflecting your business in the most positive light.

Whatever your requirements, H3 is ready to deliver- on time and on budget.