DIY Video on your SmartphoneLet us help your business produce a library of online videos. Our video coaching will help you to create many types of informational or lifestyle videos you can use for all your online marketing.

You might be reluctant to invest in a ready-to-post fully formed video production. Maybe you feel like you’d like to take on the challenge of a DIY video. Or, it may be that the cost of a finished video is simply out of your reach. If this is the case, Harmony 3 can still be a tremendous asset to your business as a DIY Video Consultant.

video is where your customers spend timeAt H3, we put a high value on the QUALITY of our Video. But equally important, to you as a business owner, is the QUANTITY of online video you can produce yourself.

We offer expert advice in DIY video production. We’ll coach you in proven techniques that will elevate the quality of your own videos.

Our clear and easily understandable coaching will assist you in creating an online video library that can open your business to new clients and drive sales with existing ones.

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Give us a call at 213-304-6221 and let’s discuss the best solution to your online video needs.