At Harmony 3, we are very excited to offer Motion Graphics, as an attention-grabbing and cost-effective option where visual design in a concept-rich animated environment is more appropriate than live-action capture. We create them in-house and every aspect is tuned to present your business or service in clear, visual language.

In some cases, your company’s service or product, or message, doesn’t lend itself effectively to live-action capture. We at Harmony 3 are happy to offer a film option in Motion Graphics.

get the most out of your websiteA stylized, moving graphic image can clearly illustrate an idea or concept in a more direct way than a live-action spokesperson trying to explain it. For example, it is difficult to film the actual business of financial institutions or brokerage houses. A Motion Graphic Short Video can quickly establish a visual representation of the exact mechanics of this business.

View our Portfolio to see more samples of  the Motion Graphics Videos that we’ve produced for clients.

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Give us a call at 213-304-6221 and let us share our enthusiasm for animated visual design.