Video Marketing is the latest trendTeam with Harmony 3 to create a visual marketing tool that will be the centerpiece of your online business identity. Together, we will create a quality, sales-driving video that will compliment and enhance your business strategy.

It’s easier and more affordable than you may think.

Online Videos, once considered a cost-prohibitive promotional luxury, are now a required element in the marketing strategy of any small business. New technologies have dramatically driven down the production costs of filmmaking while simultaneously sending image quality to an incredibly high level.

At Harmony 3, we embrace every digital breakthrough to deliver the highest quality film at a reasonable cost to your business.

visitors stay 2 minutes longer with videoLet’s face it; in many ways a flat page with words and a few photographs just doesn’t cut it anymore with today’s consumers. They want motion, they want sound- they want a video!

Partner up with Harmony 3 to create an exciting concept and video strategy that will promote and market your products and services in a way that will get your customers to sit up and pay attention!


Here are a few of the more effective types of commercial videos:

Explainer Video
Whatever you offer- product, service, guidance, advice- a well-produced and professional video enables a business to explain whatever they offer, in a way that anyone can grasp. Video will bring your business alive with sound and motion and allow you to steer the perception of whatever you have to offer. Nothing can do this as well as live action video.

Nothing reassures an indecisive potential customer like hearing a true story of satisfaction from someone who has done business with you.
Let your happy customers and clients sing your praises!

Product Demonstration
It’s exactly what it sounds like, a way to prove that your product or service works!
Smite the disbelievers- here it is, right on the screen doing exactly what you said it would.
They will hit “buy” and go straight to the checkout cart.

Video Blogs
An ongoing series of Video Blogs, centered around your company, is a great way to both promote and personalize your business. Your customers will feel a familiarity with your business and branding, which will help lead to future interactions.

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Partnered with Harmony 3, virtually any small business can afford a professional, finely crafted video that will reflect the quality of any product or service and get you noticed!

And did we mention that it’s affordable?!!